Take personal responsibility , focus on solutions rather than on the problems and having a plan, a strategy and priority for your training and performance.

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Sport at this point in time in its history is in a deep and intense battle to rise up from the fog of tradition and its status quo into the modern world.

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Flashback: Founder of the Secondary Schools Leadership Symposium Valentino Singh, second from left, with Cleopatra Borel. Carlos Greene and Thema Williams.

“Forever!” That was my reply when I was asked how long I have known Valentino Singh.

“You not serious.” That was my reaction when told that we are into his last days on the job.

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Former President of Cuba Fidel Castro playing a game of Chess with two young Cuban boys.

Events on the sports field have shaped us as a country. In tough times, sport has united us as a country; sport is how we express ourselves as a nation—especially at the Olympic Games, IAAF, and Fifa World Cup nand the World Netball championships which proves that sport matters.

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The general assembly of the 21st Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) is underway in Doha, Qatar, beginning today. Over 1,200 delegates including representatives from 206 Olympic Committees, International Sport Federations and Olympic bid cities will be in attendance.

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