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RT @igcanoc: CANOC delegates were part of the 204 nations and over 1,000 delegates at this year’s XXIV ANOC General Assembly! When our p…
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The National Olympic Committee (NOC) propagate the fundamental principles of Olympism at national level within the framework of sports activity and otherwise contribute, among other things, to the diffusion of Olympism in the teaching programmes of physical education and sport in schools and university establishments.

They see to the creation of institutions that devote themselves to Olympic education. In particular they concern themselves with the establishment and activities of National Olympic Academies, Olympic Museums and cultural programmes, related to the Olympic Movement.

These Committees ensure the observance of:
- The Olympic Charter in their countries
- Encourage the development of high performance sport, and Sport For All
- The training of Sports Administrators by organizing courses.

The National Olympic Committee is committed to taking action against any form:
- of discrimination and violence in sport
- and against the use of substances and procedures prohibited by the IOC and International Sport Federations.

The NOCs have the exclusive powers for the representation of their respective countries at the Olympic Games and at Regional Continental or World Multi Sports competition patronized by the IOC.