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RT @Tokyo2020: The Official Tokyo2020 Games Motto is... United By Emotion We are UnitedByEmotion https://t.co/VpTwNAgVwe
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Boom Bang! Lewwe take ALL for the road 😍 Toyota Corolla - starting at $199,000 Toyota Hilux -starting at $206,000… https://t.co/OEu9zLG3P5
Saturday, 15 February 2020 00:42
The weekend is here. Put your feet up and relax, Guardian Group has you covered. GuardianGeneral GuardianLife… https://t.co/B8OJbUuZdc
Friday, 14 February 2020 12:42
You can’t be truly committed to any goal if you have a weak mind that’s unwilling to be uncomfortable....🧐
Friday, 14 February 2020 02:45

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CHANELLE YOUNG and Rheeza Grant of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) marketing department are among 34 participants from 25 National Olympic Committees attending a two-day International Olympic Committee (IOC) Olympic Marketing Seminar in Lausanne, Switzerland, which gets underway at the Olympic Museum today.

The theme of the seminar is titled “Understanding and Creating A Strong Brand.” This programme falls under the IOC’s Olympic Solidarity and Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) which will be hosting a series of seminars as part of the Agenda 2020 mandate to provide NOCs with marketing training opportunities.

Today, Grant and Young will be taken on the Olympic Brand Journey featuring Maria De Cock, IOC head of Brand Management, Corporate Development and Sustainability. They will then join Francois-Marie Bourgeois in Olympic Brand Research, followed by the opening segment of a two-part series entitled “Brand Building Essentials with P and G Part 1” with David Grebert, Marketing Director, Brand Building and Integrated Communications.

On day two, the TTOC will present its marketing and branding transformation plan at the seminar following an invitation extended by the IOC’s Television and Marketing Services department.

They conclude the seminar with sessions on The Olympic Channel (featuring Vincent Chupin, Olympic Channel Commercial Team Leader) and the second part of Brand Building Essentials with P and G.

The local pair will also join forces with Eva Gazarova (NOC Slovakia) to present on their aspect of Brand Building and Integrated Communications. Other topics include Marketing Tools for NOCs and How to Benefit (with Sylvia Koller, Senior NOC Riggts Acquisition and Partnerships Manage; Olympic Marketing Structure (with Elisabeth Allaman, Head of NOC Rights Acquisition and Partnerships) and How to Engage with Olympic Partners (with Tim Dignard, IOC Client Account Manager).