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The countdown to the first Junior Pan American Games Cali 2021 have officially started @calivalle2021 cali2021… https://t.co/iz734hQMqr
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Boom Bang! Lewwe take ALL for the road 😍 Toyota Corolla - starting at $199,000 Toyota Hilux -starting at $206,000… https://t.co/JHWcVXSiXj
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RT @ttgameplan: Darnell Garcia. Write that name down. This youth won the TTTAF Youth Indoors with a new NR and came second to Rahul Mahabir…
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Thank you to bpTT for their continued support and sponsorship of TeamTTO. Find out more about bpTT's platform onli… https://t.co/2Ry3amuv2Q
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Havana, Cuba: ANOC President Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah today concluded a two-day visit to Cuba where he met with Cuban National Olympic Committee President José Ramón Fernández Alvarez as well as Cuban Sports Minister Dr Antonio Becali and discussed the NOC's preparations for Rio 2016.

During the visit, the ANOC President was taken on a tour of the Estadio Latinoamericano stadium in Havana and met with all the National Federation Presidents as they prepare their athletes for the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. A total of 94 athletes have already qualified for Rio 2016 and more athletes are expected to qualify, with the average age of the Cuban team just 24 years of age. Sheikh Ahmad met with some of the athletes during his visit and was happy to discover that many were students at the University of Havana reflecting the close alignment between sport and education in the country. He also visited the National Anti-Doping Body for the republic of Cuba.
ANOC President Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah said:

“I am delighted to be here in Cuba. Cuba is a country with a very rich sporting heritage and has produced many sporting champions. The country is undergoing a period of change at the moment and the progress it is making in developing its relationships within the international community truly reflects the Olympic spirit. I am very pleased to see there is good cooperation between the sports movement and the government which helps ensure a positive environment for the athletes. Sport can play a key role not just in Cuba but in countries throughout the world in helping them build a brighter and more harmonious future. I have no doubt that the Cuban athletes competing at Rio 2016 will provide a source of inspiration and pride for the country. "

“As ANOC President it is always a pleasure for me to visit our NOCs and see the fantastic work they are doing in their countries to promote sport and Olympism. It is also an invaluable opportunity for me to discuss any concerns they may be facing and the ways ANOC can improve the support we are providing them. At ANOC we are committed to constantly reforming and will do everything we can to deliver the best possible service for all our NOCs.”

- See more at: http://www.anocolympic.org/media-centre/anoc-press-releases/2016/05/anoc-president-visits-cuban-national-olympic-committee/#sthash.FUqdZijN.dpuf